Sunshine Coast EdTech Company Set for International Expansion

Image: Craig Josic (CJ) Chief Digital Officer, Schoolzine.

RDA Sunshine Coast is excited to see a Sunshine Coast company that is collaborative, who employs young Australians, and champions economic development on the Sunshine Coast expand locally, nationally, and internationally.

From beginnings in the Sunshine Coast’s Innovation Centre Schoolzine has since expanded their team into an office in the larger premises in Maroochydore’s “Smart City”. As a recognised digital champion, their innovative platform solution has been developed for automating the production and distribution of digital content.

Their commitment to education and innovation has led Schoolzine to partner with global companies and organisations, while also taking an active role in the local Sunshine Coast educational ecosystem, offering students work experience and internship programs.

Although Schoolzine is expanding internationally, they will be employing local youth to fuel their growth. Their future expansion into the UK could potentially double their workforce on the Sunshine Coast, employing local talent and attracting a smarter workforce to the region.

Craig Josic (CJ), Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Schoolzine, believes that collaboration is the new economy and as an organisation or business, one of the most important things is to realise that for you to grow, it’s important to come together and really share and work in a collaborative environment.

“Most people think today’s world is about the devices and technology but it’s actually about the people. It’s not just an experience on a device anymore, but how your whole life revolves around it. Which is why building an collaborative eco-system within your industry, should be a key strategic in your digitalroadmap,” says CJ, CDO of Schoolzine.

The RDA Sunshine Coast committee is proud to support Schoolzine, as they embody the innovative, dynamic, connected, and sustainable qualities that help support and strengthen the Sunshine Coast region.

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