RDA Sunshine Coast Welcomes Southeast Queensland City Deal

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Sunshine Coast welcomes today’s announcement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison that his government will support the Southeast Queensland (SEQ) City Deal, set to become the biggest City Deal in the country.
The Council of SEQ Mayors have been advocating for the deal since 2014, which will see the three levels of government unite to deliver a $58 billion boost to the region’s economy over the next 25 years, according to KPMG.
PM Scott Morrison is supporting the ambitious plan to modernise the region, which sets the agenda on priorities and funding.
One in seven Australians live in southeast Queensland, from the border to Noosa and west to Toowoomba, with the region growing at twice the OECD average.
Ten mayors and the State Government will shortly begin negotiations in Canberra on the deal, which includes a number of game-changing proposals to boost the region’s jobs, economic growth and connectivity, including:

  • Transforming the region’s public transport system with a new wave of major projects to speed up services, enabling commuters to get across the same city in 30 minutes and from anywhere in the region – including the Sunshine Coast – to Brisbane within 45 minutes.
  • Huge investments to position SEQ as the country’s leading smart digital region.
  • Igniting the region’s innovation precincts to boost high-value jobs and a culture of entrepreneurship.

RDA Sunshine Coast CEO Paul Fisher is delighted to see the three levels of government working together to better plan for the future of our region.

He paid tribute to Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson and Sunshine Coast Federal MP for Fairfax Ted O’Brien, MP for Wide Bay Llew O’Brien and MP for Fisher Andrew Wallace – as well as the Queensland Government – for continuously advocating for and supporting the SEQ City Deal.

“This is an exciting blueprint to supercharge southeast Queensland’s economy while protecting its world-class lifestyle,” Mr Fisher said. “It includes major improvements to our public transport system which would directly benefit the Sunshine Coast and we commend the Morrison Government for its support of the SEQ City Deal.

“Such a deal will see the three tiers of government unite to protect the prosperity and liveability of the region, while boosting its transport infrastructure, digital connectivity and untapped growth and entrepreneurship.”

The RDA Sunshine Coast is a not-for-profit, community-based organisation whose vision is to create an innovative, dynamic, connected and sustainable Sunshine Coast.

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