Sunshine Coast proves perfect location for digital businesses with work-life balance

In 2009, Managing Director of Oncore Brenton Henderson moved his young family to the Sunshine Coast after 10 years of navigating the rapid growth of his Brisbane-based business. Specialising in Contractor Payroll Solutions, the company established a strong reputation in supporting professional contractors, recruitment agencies and corporate clients from a West End office.

Enjoying the benefits of coastal living, Brenton gave thought to transitioning the operations centre of the company. With a significant proportion of Oncore’s activities conducted electronically, most of his team could be based anywhere in the world. Why not give staff the benefit of a shorter, more enjoyable commute and more relaxed lifestyle and reduce overheads as the business continued to expand?

“Living and working on the Sunshine Coast means the people involved in our core activities are able to create a work/life balance and be exceptionally productive,” Brenton said. “That’s the key to providing the high level of service to our clients that has become synonymous with Oncore and it makes us pleased to be part of the Sunshine Coast business community.”

The progressive transition of personnel to the Maroochydore office filled the first of three offices purchased on Denna Street. Since then, the addition of dozens of highly skilled, locally sourced professionals has created a stable environment for the group’s success. Optus’ fibre optic cable – rolled out on the Sunshine Coast in 2008 – allows responsive, efficient service delivery to clients across Australia and globally.

RDA Sunshine Coast CEO Darrell Edwards said that Oncore was the perfect example of a local business champion that has made the Sunshine Coast work for them.

“Oncore is a Sunshine Coast business that is building a digitally savvy workforce and strengthening the region’s skills and economy. They are a testament to how regional areas can produce great digital companies and employ local talent.”

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