Research demonstrates business case for flexible work centres

Evidence is mounting that flexible work centres in regional centres could be the solution to long commutes and decreasing employee satisfaction levels.

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Sunshine Coast is leading a coalition of South East Queensland RDAs to better understand the benefits of digital work hubs in regional areas and build a business case for investment.

The project is getting national attention with a recent article in the Financial Review and numerous mentions on blog sites such as Shareable: Work and Enterprise.

With Australia recently slipping by 13 points in the international work-life balance index conducted by Regus, and with increasing congestion on transport networks particularly in peri-urban areas, the case for a better option for Australian workers has never been stronger.

RDA Project Coordinator Bronwyn Buksh explains how the outcomes of the Digital Work Hub Project could support the growth of a coworking ecosystem in South East Queensland:

“We’re trying to crack the code for an economic development model for coworking to happen in regional centres,” Bronwyn said.

“Many people currently commute to cities like Brisbane every day. We’re advocating an Active Work Model where people telework from home part of the time, drop into a local Digital Work Hub 2-3 days a week and avoid some of the negative side effects of working from home or having to travel into major centres.

“The flow-on benefits of this approach are huge in terms of boosting the local economy and creating a wider diversity of jobs,” she said.

“The research we’re undertaking will provide background information to help investors develop a sound business case. We’re also involved in ongoing engagement and communication activities to help build community support for these initiatives.”

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