Queensland is looking for ‘data gurus’

Queensland is putting out the call to all smart web and application developers and data gurus to create solutions for Queensland as part of the new Premier’s Awards for Open Data.

Premier Campbell Newman said the awards would recognise those who developed new and innovative ways for the community to use publicly released Queensland Government data.

“We are the only state where all 20 Government Departments have released comprehensive Open Data Strategies clearly setting out how they will deliver open data as a core priority as well as identifying what datasets will be released when,” Mr Newman said.

“We know there are Queenslanders with great imagination and talent who can help super-charge Queensland’s economy by using this data to find new ways to deliver better services.

“A particular focus of the Awards will be the use of public transport data to enhance our existing public transport system.

“We know this is a real priority for many Queenslanders, and we want people to put on their thinking caps about how we can use government data to improve out public transport systems.”

Assistant Minister for e-Government Ray Stevens said $5,000 prize money would be available for entrants who showcase the most innovative use of and real outcomes from public data in a number of categories.

“The categories include Public Transport, where we’re looking for solutions that deliver real improvements to customer experience; Improved Service Delivery, which will produce better social services; and Growing and Developing Queensland’s future, which will produce real economic benefits for Queenslanders,” Mr Stevens said.

“The final category is a wildcard, where we’re looking for thinking ‘outside the box’.

“By giving the experts a chance to develop these apps or web services, the Government can focus on delivering high quality customer services and better business practices.

“We will also work with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland to drive business participation in identifying how data can be used to create jobs throughout Queensland.”

Mr Stevens said public servants would also be able to compete so they could show how they are using open data to improve service delivery.

The winners of the Premier’s Awards for Open Data will be announced in November.

For more information on the Premier’s Awards for Open Data please visit www.data.qld.gov.au

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