Regional Roadmap identifies four strategic priorities for the Sunshine Coast

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Sunshine Coast has identified four priority focus areas in its Regional Roadmap that articulates a vision and strategic direction for the region.

The revised Regional Roadmap provides an overview of the Sunshine Coast economy (State of the Region) and outlines the regional priorities that can be implemented in collaboration with industry leaders and organisations.

RDA Sunshine Coast Chair Prof Max Standage said the strategic directions were developed over the past 12 months with the business community, all three levels of government, education and research providers and community groups.

The four key priority focus areas are:

  1. Nurture high potential economic development sectors. Prioritise large-scale projects that will have a significant flow-on affect into the broader Sunshine Coast community.
  2. Advocate for the delivery of infrastructure. Provide evidence-based support for key infrastructure projects that will give government the confidence to invest in a timely manner, for the long-term benefit of the region.
  3. Advancing business and society through technology. Capturing the unique opportunity of broadband and information technology development to further the economic and social wellbeing of communities across the Sunshine Coast.
  4. Workforce and employment. Ensuring our region has a skilled and ready workforce to meet changing demands.

Prof Standage said the Regional Roadmap reflected the contributions from key organisations and community leaders to address the significant opportunities and challenges facing the Sunshine Coast over the next two decades.

“It is through collaboration and partnership that stakeholders can participate in discussion, debate the issues and play a role in determining the priorities that will drive our region’s future prosperity.”

The 2012-31 Regional Roadmap includes:

•   A summary of recent collaboration and consultation activities.

•   An overview of the four key strategic directions, including priority projects.

•   A summary of the Sunshine Coast economy’s key building blocks.

•   A “State of the Region” profile which paints a broad picture of the social, economic and environmental status of the region (based on the 2011 Census data).

“The Sunshine Coast is a successful economy which is moving into its third phase of development to a large regional economy with a broad economic profile. We have an enormous opportunity to prosper as a region and create game-changing initiatives that will have significant impact in the coming years,” said Prof Standage.

A copy of the 2012-31 Regional Roadmap is available on the RDA Sunshine Coast website

Please click on the cover below to download the pdf version of the Sunshine Coast Regional Roadmap 2012-31 or the pdf version of the Sunshine Coast State of the Region 2012-31 Report.

Sunshine Coast Regional Roadmap 2012-31

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