Lifestyle programs encouraging residents to stay fit and healthy

Active and Healthy Sunshine Coast: A suite of Lifestyle programs encouraging residents to stay fit and healthy

Innovative low cost healthy eating and physical activity programs will encourage Sunshine Coast residents to adopt and sustain healthier lifestyles.

The programs will be co-ordinated by the Sunshine Coast’s Sport, Recreation and Wellbeing Team through the Healthy Communities Partnership which includes the Sunshine Coast Council, Regional Development Australia Sunshine Coast, the Sunshine Coast Division of General Practice, Sunshine Coast Public Health Unit, TAFE Sunshine Coast and North Coast Aboriginal Corporation for Community Health.

RDA Sunshine Coast welcomed yesterday’s announcement that Sunshine Coast Council was recommended to receive a grant of more than $700,000 as part of the Federal Government’s Healthy Communities Initiative.

The Government’s Healthy Communities Initiative (HCI) aims to help reduce the prevalence of obesity by maximising the number of adults engaged in healthy lifestyle programs. Phase 2 of the HCI provides a $703,607 grant to each of the 33 recommended Local Government Areas across Australia until June 2013.

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