Digital Futures Presentation – University of the Sunshine Coast – 25 July 2012

Digital Futures Sunshine Coast Presentation by David Bartlett

This presentation occurred on Wed 25th of July 2012 at the University of the Sunshine Coast

CLICK HERE to watch this webcast online (Recorded)

In this session David Bartlett  presented on digital futures and the implica-tions of widespred high speed broadband, and its impact on the way Sunshine Coast businesses and students solve problems, create wealth and communicate.

David Bartlett was the 43rd Premier of Tasmania from 2008 until 2011. During his parliamentary career he also held the positions of Minister for Innovation, Science & Technology, Minister for Education & Skills, Minister for Planning & Workplace Relations, Attorney General and Member for Denison.

Prior to entering Parliament David had an extensive career in the information technology and telecommunications sector. As Premier he switched on the first non-Telstra owned optic fibre backbone in Tasmania and he championed his home state as the first National Broadband Net-work location.

Throughout his political career David advocated strong economic growth through innovation, public education, food production, broadband, and renewable energy. David brings a unique perspective to discussions about the successes and challenges of public life, and is passionate about sharing the Tasmanian experience with other regional economies.

Since leaving the Parliament, David has been working with regional economies and communities across Australia to prepare strategies for maximising economic and social renewal underpinned by broadband.

David has recently accepted a part time position advising the University of Tasmania on strategies to maximise the research potential of broadband

The event partners for this presentation: RDA Sunshine Coast, Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast and the University of the Sunshine Coast

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