Buderim Foundation taking it to the next level

Buderim Foundation Ambassadors taking the Foundation to the next level at the recent Australia Day Buderim Street Parade, as they launched the 2018 Community Challenge.

One small community on the Sunshine Coast is making BIG inroads to building the capacity of their area and they’ve found an innovative way to generate their own funds in order to give grants back out to their community.

The purpose of the Buderim Foundation is to build a stronger community by harnessing the power of giving.

The concept is simple. It does this by:

  • Receiving donations and bequests (money in);
  • Carefully investing the funds to generate income (money managed);
  • And distributing the income as grants to organisations that provides services to the 4556 community (money out).

They have an exciting year planned with a programme called the 2018 Community Challenge.

The plan is to increase the community savings account (or capital) from the current $1.45 million dollars to more than $2 million so that they can in turn increase the yearly grants to community organisations. In 2017, $65,000 was distributed in grants and the challenge is to raise that to $100,000 in 2019. Not an easy goal!

They proudly launched the 2018 Community Challenge on

Australia Day as part of the Buderim Street Parade. They have many functions and initiatives planned throughout the year to achieve their Community Challenge goal and they are encouraging people to get involved and find ways to ‘give where you live’, through time, talent or treasure.

We salute the Buderim Foundation and their incredible work to date. The Foundation certainly is a successful community capacity building model in action. One that other communities can learn from too. We encourage you to support the Buderim Foundation as they take it to the next level!

More at: www.buderimfoundation.org.au

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