Sunshine Coast businesses offered opportunity to ‘get up to speed’ with digital technologies

Sunshine Coast businesses struggling with the digital age have until end July to take up an opportunity to engage in digital skills training thanks to Broadband Today Alliance and the Sunshine Coast Council’s involvement in a heavily Government subsidised state-wide program called ‘Get Up To Speed’.

The Get Up To Speed program is funded by Skills Queensland; presented by (an amalgamation of 125 councils across Australia and New Zealand) and is being developed and delivered by The Creative Collective.

The program aims to make businesses aware of the opportunities the roll out of the NBN presents and will provide much needed skills and knowledge surrounding current and emerging digital technologies.

“We know that there are still many businesses out there that do not have an effective web presence or who are utilising some of the fantastic digital technologies out there which is a real concern,” says Russell Mason, CEO of RDA Sunshine Coast

“We have got involved in this program because we believe that the future is digital and think it will help businesses in our area redefine the way they do business and make a serious impact on their bottom line.”

Sunshine Coast based Zoe Scrogings who runs Holy Cow Creative and is heavily involved in the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance has been doing the Get Up To Speed program since March and says she can’t believe the value she is getting from being a part of it.

“I own a micro business with no budget and no other employee’s to help. With no budget I needed to learn how to build my own website and build my business’s online presence. The Get Up To Speed Program gives you the tools and understanding you need to move your business forwards. With the way things are heading in business, I think everyone should partake in this course – it is the way of the future”.

Another small business owner Sarah Pye says she too has benefited in more ways than she ever imagined from taking part in the program.

“I had a well established website but I was receiving no visitors.  When I signed up, I wanted to learn about SEO and different ways to attract people to my website. Now I am in the course I realise that I needed to learn a lot more. I have had to make the move from publishing hard copy guidebooks to digital which is a massive business change, but one I am confident to take with the support of the program.”

Seven key areas throughout Queensland have been ear-marked to receive the program including the Sunshine Coast, Moreton & Redland Bay, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Cairns and Townsville, however registrations will be accepted from any Queensland based business.

The program features weekly webinars, weekly eLessons, a private Facebook group, a dedicated online resource portal, and access to mentors in each of the regions. Participants also benefit from gaining accreditation for taking part in the program through a Registered Training Organisation – Australasian Leadership Academy.

The program is available at an extremely affordable $250. A rebate of $175 is also available to participants who purchase an internet enabled device to enhance their ability to engage in the program, though conditions apply.

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