Sunshine Coast Labour Force [2017]

Sunshine Coast Labour Force Commentary

Sunshine Coast Labour Force Commentary, Deloitte Access Economics 2017
Sunshine Coast Labour Force Commentary, Deloitte Access Economics 2017
Deloitte Access Economics | 07 March 2017

There has been a lot of discussion recently around unemployment, participation rates, underemployment and loss of jobs in the Sunshine Coast region. Regional Development Australia Sunshine Coast (RDASC) commissioned a report by

Deloitte Access Economics to gain a better understanding of some of the factors that impact on employment across the Sunshine Coast region.

The Deloitte Access Economics Sunshine Coast Labour Force Commentary report discusses employment growth, participation and unemployment based upon labour force data released by the ABS and Queensland Government Statistician’s Office.

The report demonstrates the need to diversify the structure of employment, and Sunshine Coast industries – and supports the need for continuing the focus on high value industries to diversify the economy, and support regional growth through increasing economic development opportunities.

We collectively recognise the need for greater employment diversity and growth in permanent jobs, which has formed the basis of the region’s economic priorities. RDASC is keen to support any activities that focus on creating employment and supporting economic development. Contact us if you would like to know more.

Read the Sunshine Coast Labour Force Commentary report.

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