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The Sunshine Coast Region is fast becoming known as the Entrepreneurial Capital of Australia. It is a national imperative that we innovate and build relevant solutions that generate global revenues and create local jobs. The Queensland Government recognises this and have committed $405m to their Advance Queensland Initiative. Queensland now has the second largest number of startups in the nation, behind only New South Wales.

Global disruption has brought innovation and entrepreneurship to the fore and framed government’s role of educating, facilitating, supporting and connecting like-minded people. The purpose of the Investor Network is to educate investors and business owners about what is happening in our own backyard, and connect you with these opportunities.

The next generation of global start-up companies can be born here on the Sunshine Coast. In fact, many companies with origins on the Sunshine Coast are already competing in the global marketplace. Consider investing in these new and exciting technologies and innovative new businesses! The activities happening across the region are developing business ideas for you to invest in at grass roots. They not only need capital but they may also need your business experience and advice as they develop their ideas.

Tax Incentives for investment in Australian early stage innovation companies (ESIC’s)

Designed to encourage new investment in Australian early stage innovation companies (ESIC’s), the new tax incentives are in the form of: an upfront non-refundable tax offset of 20 per cent of the investment; as well as a CGT exemption on the subsequent disposal of the investment. Read more on the BDO Australia website, and read BDO’s Mark Molesworth’s ESIC presentation from the Investor Day events.

So how do you connect with the opportunity?

We would like to connect with you via newsletter to keep you informed of upcoming events. Please subscribe to the SCIN quarterly newsletter and forward to anyone else who may be interested. Later in 2017, we will be able to connect you with investment opportunities through an exciting new app designed here on the Sunshine Coast.

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