Sunshine Coast Regional Innovation Program #SCRIPT

Collaboration Driving Innovation on the Sunshine Coast 

Sunshine Coast Council, Noosa Council and Regional Development Australia Sunshine Coast, along with their project partners have been awarded Advance Queensland Regional Innovation funding. The funding was collectively matched by a number of organisations providing over $1 million over 3 years to develop innovation and entrepreneurial activities across the Sunshine Coast region.

#SCRIPT is a collaboration of local entrepreneurs, businesses, government stakeholders and community members dedicated to growing innovation and business capacity on the coast. Sunshine Coast has a strong innovation ecosystem and this funding allows for greater networking and enables more entrepreneurial activity, resulting in more jobs and a boosted economy.

To bring about these outcomes, activities and resources are aligned to the following key priority areas:

  1. Smart Cities
  2. Food and Agribusiness
  3. Health and Wellbeing
  4. Sustainability and Environment; and
  5. Creative Industries

To help fuel innovation, SCRIPT invests in collaborative activities that build capacity in businesses, showcase excellence, incubate and accelerate new solutions and support entrepreneurs and innovators in turning their ideas into commercial reality. We support grassroot projects which help to connect, educate and inspire members of the Sunshine Coast community. SCRIPT is interested in investing in projects which (at the very least) are new and different and demonstrate:

  • Sunshine Coast Benefit
  • Validated Demand
  • Coinvestment & Collaboration
  • Longevity
  • Accountability

Watch this video to find out if your project/business is eligible for funding through SCRIPT:

Sunshine Coast Regional Innovation Pipeline Team (#SCRIPT) Submission

The SCRIPT team will be working toward “a collaborative action plan for activities including focus, operating model, forward timetable of activities, resources, cost structures and revenue streams (signed by all partners)” that is compliant with the RIH funding submission requirements.

With 20 collaboration partners at pre-registration, the exceptional news for the Sunshine Coast region is that we submitted the largest collaboration under a single submission in Queensland – demonstrating the strength of our innovation ecosystem.

The exhaustive process has ensured input from a diverse range of stakeholders which has strengthened the collaboration across 20 partners and numerous contributors. There is limited opportunity for corporate partners to contribute towards the program and be engaged in round tables, provide insights, resources and innovation-needs that would be of mutual benefit to the region’s innovators.

Project Update

Read more at: or contact the Regional Innovation Coordinator (RIC) Coby Sullivan at

Advancing Regional Innovation Program

The Advancing Regional Innovation Program encourages innovation across Queensland and supports local economies to create jobs for regional Queenslanders.

The Advancing Regional Innovation Program by Queensland Government has provided the impetus for Local Government, NFP’s, organisations and industry to meet up and define how we will further develop the ecosystem across the region and connect, attract and support innovators.

The Regional Innovation Hubs funding provides up to $500,000, over three years, which must be matched 1:1 by industry and government, cash and in-kind. This funding is directed toward those in the community that support and foster innovation rather than directly at the innovators themselves and is heavily weighted on outreach and collaboration.

What’s important

  • Twelve Queensland regions will receive a funding pool of $500,000 each.
  • Applications must be collaborative and involve a lead applicant with at least 5 partners.
  • Applications will consist of a collaborative action plan that outlines a tailored program of activities that responds to the local needs and stage of development of its community.
  • Activities include mentoring, capability development, and innovation spaces, to connect entrepreneurs with each other and with industry, and to coordinate local efforts.
  • The plan has to show that services are being provided not only in one main location in the region, but at least two other locations across the region.

Read more about the Advancing Regional Innovation Hub Program


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