Sunshine Coast ‘super charged’ with Super Boomers

The Sunshine Coast has been identified as one of eight ‘super charged’ regions that are ageing the fastest with populations staying in place as they get older and new Baby Boomers moving into the regions.

Dubbed Super Boomers, they make up 39 per cent of the country’s regional workforce, placing these regions at the forefront of the economic and social changes that will come as Australia ages.

“Super Boomers are entrepreneurs, community leaders and volunteers, mentors to young regional Australians, employees, and investors. All of these roles are fundamental to thriving regions, and Super Boomers have the potential to have a huge impact,” Regional Australia Institute CEO Su McCluskey said.

“Regions need workers, entrepreneurs, investors and smart, energetic people to grow. Super Boomers have the potential not just to stay engaged for longer but to be the leaders of change and revitalisation efforts within communities,” she said.

super boomers info graphicResearch by the Regional Australia Institute shows regional Australia is ageing faster than the rest of the country. It has identified 21 regions whose ageing trends outstrip the rest of the country, including eight ‘super charged’ regions located along the east coast of Australia and around Adelaide.

“It’s time to change our thinking about what an ageing population means to Australia,” Ms McCluskey said.

“This next generation of older Australians will be the most educated, diverse, wealthy and experienced to reach the traditional retirement age. Our conversations around ageing need to reflect this by acknowledging not just the challenges, but also the opportunities.

“This is a call for Baby Boomers and regions to embrace their future opportunities. It’s time to focus on the benefits that flow when older Australians make the positive choice to ‘go regional’, embrace their inner Super Boomer and become a keystone to prosperous regions.”

Quick facts

  • Baby Boomers make up 39 per cent of the regional workforce
  • 33 per cent of all SMEs in Australia are operated by a person aged over 50 years
  • Approximately 72 per cent of Super Boomers plan to use their lifetime’s worth of saving and hard work to fund their hobbies and passions, rather than leaving an inheritance
  • In 2006, older Australians contributed more than 160 million hours to their communities.


Download the report Talking Point: An ageing (regional) Australia and the rise of the Super Boomer.


Continuing the conversation

If you are a Super Boomer and have a story to tell, visit and leave a comment on the blog. Alternatively head to the ‘Have Your Say’ page or connect via Facebook or Twitter. The Regional Australia Institute wants to know what you are up to, what are your future plans for this stage of your life and why living on the Sunshine Coast is so important to achieving these plans.

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