Report on the Food Futures Symposium is now available to download

The final report that was produced as a result of the Food Futures Symposium held on August 8 2012 at the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast is now available for participants to download.

A short summary of the outcomes is listed below and the full report can be downloaded by following THIS LINK

Food Futures Report


Implementation priorities

Regional Working Group

That a regional working group of representatives from all key sectors be established to coordinate the implementation of priority actions and engage other key stakeholders (eg Council of Mayors, Regional RDA committees, industry groups) to address the opportunities and constraints to the growth of shorter food supply chains in the region.
(RDA Sunshine Coast to compile nominations of participants).

Geographic focus

From Gympie to the boarder of NSW (including all of SEQ) and west across the Darling Downs.

Priority actions

Food Tourism

1.     Enhance communication/trading along the value chain, eg Famils, product updates, referrals from information centres to increase food service and tourism operators’ knowledge of local food producers, their stories and products they offer.

2.     Create local and regional food stories to build food tourism brand/s. (A brand story which focuses on the relationships, history, landscapes and connectivity along the chain).

3.     Building a local food culture that leads to resident recommendations to Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR).  (VFR constitutes more than 30% of visitors/tourists in some parts of the region).

Distribution, Marketing and Traceability

4.     Develop an e-portal trading site to facilitate networking, collaboration and distribution.

5.     Showcase successful models – success stories.

6.     Implement a branding strategy – tiered/ staged (ie local, regional and national).

Food Innovation – Products and Research Partnerships

7.     Form a multidisciplinary innovation group – to develop training kit, assist during start-up incubator phase, and link to Coopers Plain Food Technology Precinct.

8.     Investigate opportunities for new products and eco-efficiencies along the value chain to increase productive use of wastes, 2nd grade and excess product.

9.     Create a closed loop agri-food system withinMaryValley innovation precinct.

Food Security and Sustainability

10.  Increase security of food producing land uses to foster re-localisation of production and retention of agricultural land balancing (linked action; change planning laws and reduce red tape to allow farmers to do more on their properties – multi-functional farming).

11.  Improve skill base of producers and knowledge of consumers and investigate novel solutions to improve the security and sustainability of food production (eg share farming).

12.  Facilitate behaviour change and action – embed local food into day-to-day practice.

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