Regional Roadmap – The foundation of a United Sunshine Coast

The Regional Roadmap was developed by the Sunshine Coast’s Regional Development Australia committee through a series of workshops over the past six months.

The Chair of RDA Sunshine Coast explained, “Our first Regional Roadmap prioritises six themes – economic development and job creation, innovative environmental solutions, health and community wellbeing, education and training, regional infrastructure and transport, and social inclusion.

“The committee believes that an organised and concentrated effort around these themes will build a more resilient economy and strengthen economic growth and productivity.

“Importantly, this roadmap will see regional stakeholders working together as a team – Sunshine Coast United – to build our regional economy. It will build on some hard won institutional, strategic and organisational foundations that already exist on the Sunshine Coast.”

RDA Sunshine Coast’s Regional Roadmap documents local, state and national strategic initiatives, forming a plan that incorporates the region’s economic, social and environmental investments and future potential to 2031.

“With the Sunshine Coast growing at a higher rate than the national average, the importance of planning and forecasting for infrastructure, transport and affordable living is critical,” said the RDA Sunshine Coast Chair.

The Regional Roadmap would continue to evolve with ever strengthening working relationships.

“Here at Regional Development Australia Sunshine Coast, we are committed to building a strong Sunshine Coast region and to playing our part in building a strong nation.

“This Regional Roadmap is our pathway to giving the Sunshine Coast a strong voice and to working cooperatively with the federal and state governments’ fresh new commitment to regionalism in whole-of-government decision making.”

The interim Regional Roadmap is available on the Regional Development Australia Sunshine Coast’s website