RDA Sunshine Coast’s vision highlighted at Canberra forum

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Sunshine Coast’s Chair will highlight the Sunshine Coast’s vision for an innovative, dynamic, connected and sustainable future at a national forum to be hosted by Minister Simon Crean in Canberra this Friday.

During the forum, the RDA Sunshine Coast’s Chair will be one of six panelists debating regional challenges issues including community health and well-being, economic development, infrastructure and sustainability.

Hosted by ABC current affairs veteran Kerry O’Brien, the panel will put the spotlight on the significant challenges being experienced in Australian regions.

The Sunshine Coast has been at the forefront of the sea change phenomenon trying to balance increased population with the need for services and infrastructure while maintaining the character and livability of local communities.

“One of our major challenges is that infrastructure and services have not kept pace with population growth. Another is the need for a more diverse regional economy. These form the backbone of thriving and harmonious communities.

“The Sunshine Coast has sustained a high rate of population growth and visitor numbers for the last three decades, bringing impacts on our environment, community well-being and economic resilience.

“A dynamic and vibrant future can only he assured through integrated planning across the three levels of government and in consultation with the community and industry” the Chair stated.

Hosted by Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government, Simon Crean, the forum will bring together Chairs and Executive Officers from the national network of 55 committees that have been charged with helping drive the prosperity and sustainability of the nation’s regions.

One thought on “RDA Sunshine Coast’s vision highlighted at Canberra forum

  1. Andrew Hillhouse says:

    While the Government is to be applauded for this program, its focus is on the construction phase of projects it will fund.

    The eligibility criteria requires that all planning, rezoning, environmental and/or native title approvals are in place. The program does not recognise that many community groups cannot outlay the significant costs to get projects to the stage where they are eligible for funding, or that they have the prescience to prepare for a government funding program that may not yet exist.

    it would be useful if future government initiatives understood that careful planning and design of such community projects is significant and is often required to be funded, employs significant sectors of the population and avoids inappropriately delivered buildings and infrastructure.

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