Master Class targets future spatial business leaders

The inaugural Pivotal 2015 Spatial Edge Master Class in Brisbane in July will be an unprecedented opportunity to showcase and develop Australian business in spatial information.

The two-week Master Class is an innovative and unique international education program that will address globally significant issues, while providing targeted learnings on spatial analytics and visualisation concepts for informed decision making.

Topics presented by world leading experts will help delegates gain insight into how to fully engage with and use these emergent technologies to inform decision making and strategy development.

Delegates will have full access to cutting edge software and unique information resources, along with a tailored Technical Social Network (TSNet) to assist in the use of these resources and maintain the momentum of their success.

Pivotal Spatial Community Partners

Nominate a future leader from within your company for recognition as your firm’s Ambassador, who will have the privilege of attending a week of Pivotal Business Leaders Sessions facilitated by the Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA):

  • Exclusive Community Partner business landscape session workshops with Pivotal speakers, who are world-leading experts in the field.
  • Tailored business development lectures and workshops from thought leaders from the Queensland University of Technology  business school and spatial industry.
  • Facilitated business planning and development workshops offered though the Australian Government, Department of Industry.
  • Workshops on promoting your ideas though visits higher education and schools promoting spatial industries (through Destination Spatial) and developing future capacity of a spatial workforce.
  • The opportunity to present to registered delegates of Pivotal your business’ unique and innovative business technology and techniques during week two of the Pivotal Master Class.
  • Networking events with Lord Mayor’s Office of Brisbane, the Premier’s Office and delegates, mentors, leaders and other local, national and international thought and business leaders.

Underwriting for one of the 16 White Papers, commissioned specifically for the Pivotal event by world thought leaders:

  • Meaning of spatial in our lives. Conceptual foundation.
  • Big challenges we face. Global challenges and grand opportunities.
  • Our Spatial Universe: Why mapping our world and locational science is important.
  • Design elements for a new and resilient world.
  • Building a Globe All view. Decision support through visualisation.
  • Data management and modelling: Fundamental capacity of the digital system.
  • Policies and data exchange: Why metadata and open data matters.
  • Rapid use when needed. Preparation counts in a crisis.
  • Building the social net. Citizens in action and as force multiplier for sustainability.
  • Analytics and decision support in the community. Science behind decisions.
  • Visualisation and understanding in the big data commons.
  • Project management & information flow. Life cycle & value proposition of spatial data.
  • Operational management in rapid response environments.
  • Disaster issues and economics of risk mapping and rebuilding.
  • Lesson learned; diaries from Christchurch, Brisbane and typhoons.
  • Global citizenship and community governance in a new digital world.

For more information contact the Pivotal 2015 Project office on (07) 3138 0465 or email

Alternatively contact the Queensland SIBA office on (07) 3217 2599 or email

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