Intelligent Communities thrive on collaboration and innovation

Thirty Sunshine Coast business and community leaders met with an Intelligent Community expert last week to discuss opportunities for the region and how they could contribute towards creating a competitive local economy.

New York-based guest speaker John Jung, co-founder of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), made a brief visit to the Sunshine Coast to share his insights about how to use broadband and information technology to attract leading-edge businesses, stimulate job creation, build skills and continue to generate economic growth for the region.

Mr Jung was visiting South East Queensland following Ipswich’s inclusion in the Top 7 Intelligent Communities of 2015. He took time out from his itinerary to visit the Sunshine Coast following an invitation from Regional Development Australia (RDA) Sunshine Coast, with support from Sunshine Coast Council, Stockland, RPS Group, Australian Information Industry Association and Digital Sunshine Coast.

ICF co-founder John Jung
ICF co-founder John Jung met with Sunshine Coast business and community leaders on 7 May.

Mr Jung has worked with 134 cities around the world who are at the forefront of innovation and have greater resilience to withstand economic downturns.

He told attendees that communities needed to create a collaborative, innovative ecosystem which embraced smart technologies across a diverse range of industries and professions.

RDA Sunshine Coast Chair Tony Riddle said the Intelligent Communities of the Year winners provided role models for the world’s best practices in creating competitive local economies and vibrant societies in today’s hyper-competitive global economy.

“The Sunshine Coast has now been named one of the top 21 Intelligent Communities worldwide for the past two consecutive years.

“Being placed among the Smart21 is the first step to greater recognition as not only an Intelligent Community, but as a region which is positioned to prosper in the broadband economy,” Mr Riddle said.

Mr Jung shared his global perspectives and real world examples of how industries, communities and governments can contribute towards creating a competitive economy on the Sunshine Coast.

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