Guide to using public Wi-Fi hotspots

Almost 4.23 million Australians, on average, went online using a public Wi-Fi hotspot at 30 June 2015, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) data.

To help you be informed when using these services, ACMA has published an informative Guide to public Wi-Fi hotspots in Australia. Key topics include:

  • What is a public Wi-Fi hotspot?
  • How do I find a public Wi-Fi hotspot?
  • How do I connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot?
  • Is a public Wi-Fi hotspot secure?
  • What can I do at a public Wi-Fi hotspot?
  • What are the major types of public Wi-Fi hotspots in Australia?
  • What types of access are offered at public Wi-Fi hotspots?
  • What are the potential online threats and ways I can protect myself when using public Wi-Fi hotspots?
  • How can I make a complaint about a public Wi-Fi hotspot?

A public W-Fi hotspot is a location, such as a café, offering a Wi-Fi internet connection to people with a suitable device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

ACMA and Stay Smart Online have developed an infographic on the ways to protect yourself when using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

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