GovHack Sunshine Coast – 15 days to go!


GovHack is an annual competition where participants create things using open data. Held over a 46-hour period, starting on Friday night at 7pm finishing at 5pm on Sunday 9th September!


Sunshine Coast is excited to have 2 event Locations this year:

  1. University of the Sunshine Coast – Access to the CAVE2, Modern Tech facilities and lots of on the ground support for “Newbies” to GovHack.  Work on a range of Local or State wide Challenges!
  2. Peregian Digital Hub – a new, purpose-built facility designed to house multiple technology companies and individual workers in an open, modern environment suited to collaboration and co-working. The Digital Hub will operate as a Traffic & Transport Node, with on the ground support to collaborate towards successful outcomes for the regions Traffic and Transport Challenges!


GovHack is for everyone! All sorts of people join GovHack, including entrepreneurs, developers, data analysts, engineers, designers, digital media creators, artists, film makers, story tellers, academics, researchers, youth and civic enthusiasts!

Form a team, mash up, ideate and communicate your concepts. It’s a competition, and there are prizes, but GovHack is a friendly creative environment.

The best teams have a mix of skills to help contribute to all the competition elements including skills to story boarding ideas, build prototypes and create a video pitch of your winning idea!


The Hackerspace is live and ready to go, get involved and REGISTER NOW!

Thanks to our Sunshine Coast Sponsors and Partners

Sunshine Coast Council, Noosa Council, SCRIPT, RDA Sunshine Coast and The University of the Sunshine Coast

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