Free pilot for newNRG online program

newNRG is offering a free pilot of its Lifestyle Change Program for Weight Loss for the first 500 people who sign up before 31 July.

Following a successful pre-pilot in 2013 and an equally successful pilot with major health insurer NIB, newNRG is making this program available to the public for the first time to obtain feedback and opinions for improvements before a full-scale global launch later in the year.

The clinically-validated online program simulates face-to-face interaction with a psychologist, dietitian and exercise physiologist.

“It’s delivered in an interactive, fun, motivational and engaging style, featuring 3D animation, positive support networks/social networking, digital workbooks, gaming and rewards,” CEO Mark McCalliog said.

The newNRG Weight Loss Program covers topics such as emotions, self-esteem, body image, goal setting, nutrition, eating behaviours, movement, sleep, relationships, relaxation and strategies for overcoming challenges.

“These topics are released as interactive sessions on a weekly basis over three months on a person’s private member dashboard which can be accessed confidentially at any time on a computer or mobile device. You can then continue your journey with monthly boosters.”

Co-founders Mark McCalliog and his sister, psychologist Nicola McCalliog, developed the newNRG Lifestyle Change Program for Weight Loss by targeting the root cause of overweight and obesity: the mind.

“A chance meeting, the death of a business client and deep-rooted family obesity and chronic disease issues drove us to build newNRG,” Mark said.

“Frustrated by all the quick-fix approaches and mixed messages, we wanted to create a research-backed approach that treats the root cause and not just the symptoms.

“Digital technology has advanced so much that we can simulate face-to-face interactions online at a fraction of the price and offer them to millions of people across the world, with no waiting times, complete confidentiality, and only 20 minutes per week which can be done anywhere, anytime and on any mobile device.”

Clinical and Program Director Nicola McCalliog coordinates newNRG’s multi-disciplinary team of experts.

“Thirty years of research, years of practical experience and advice from leading experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, nutrition, movement and technology has led to the creation of this unique program,” she said.

“It’s science-based and customized to the individual, helping them to identify, address and overcome the thoughts, emotions, behaviours and habits that have been sabotaging their lives.”

newNRG invites people to take part in the free pilot Lifestyle Change Program for Weight Loss and provide feedback on their experience. Click here to sign up to the free program by 31 July 2014.

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