Food Futures Symposium on 8th Aug 2012

Symposium to identify priorities for regional food industry development

UPDATE: To see the full agenda and download all the presentations please CLICK HERE

South-East Queensland’s potential to grow its regional food economy and enhance its food tourism destination reputation will be the focus of a symposium held at the University of the Sunshine Coast on 8 August.

Food manufacturers and regional food stakeholders will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders and key government policy officers and discuss the findings and key priorities for industry development and research.

The Future of Food Southern Queensland Symposium, held in partnership with RDA Sunshine Coast, Queensland Government, Sunshine Coast Council, University of Sunshine Coast, Queensland Food and Beverage Industry, Seasons of the Sun, and Food Manufacturers Leaders Group, will be livestreamed using social networks, with live tweets, posts and comments.

The one-day event will provide an overview of:

  • The latest results of research into consumer preferences and behaviours,
  • Opportunities for enhanced value chain collaboration,
  • Improved aggregation and distribution systems, and
  • Digital food traceability.

RDA Sunshine Coast Chair Prof Max Standage said a number of projects were conducted by the Queensland Government, Regional Development Australia and industry groups, which aimed to enhance knowledge of local food value chains and opportunities for regional industry development.

Consumer surveys were undertaken in the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Bayside tourist centres and Southside manufacturers to gain a better understanding of the factors that influence purchasing decisions by household consumers, culinary tourists and trade buyers with regard to local and regional foods.

The symposium aligns itself with the Federal Government’s National Food Plan and launch of the Green Paper in July 2012.

Prof Standage said the green paper identified the importance of research, development and innovation to sustainable food production in Australia, and the need to seize new market opportunities and contribute to the economic prosperity of rural and regional Australia.

“The Federal Government’s national food plan will set the overarching policy direction, but when the three levels of government cooperate with industry in initiatives such as this event, it leads to positive outcomes for regions,” he said.

“It is these regional collaborations that will be at the forefront of achieving the change for a healthy future for the agri-food industry and healthy food for local communities and tourists in search of the best Queensland food experiences.”

The Future of Food South East Queensland symposium

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Date: Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Time: 09:00 – 5PM

To view  the livestream please go to these websites on Aug 8th from 09:00 and

For further information the National Food Plan please CLICK HERE

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