Digital Work Hubs could provide commuters with more choices

New trends and emerging developments in workplace practices such as Digital Work Hubs could soon provide commuters in South East Queensland with more choice over their work location.

RDA Sunshine Coast Chair Prof Max Standage said digitally-enabled communities would allow employees to choose between a central office base, a digital work hub and their home.

“Many employees already enjoy successful careers and a work-life balance by regularly working from home once or twice a week,” he said.

“Digital Work Hubs are shared office facilities equipped with the latest information and telecommunication technology, meeting room facilities, kitchens and cafes. Access to these hubs will allow employers to scale down their expensive inner-city operations while offering flexible work-style incentives to attract the best staff, increase productivity and diversity through greater regional employment, and reduce travel-related stress.”

Prof Standage said a Digital Work Hub project led by RDA Sunshine was investigating the feasibility of establishing collaborative workspaces across five RDA regions.

“With almost 191,000 workers commuting to Brisbane daily from the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Logan, Redland and Gold Coast regions, it’s crucial that we develop flexible work practices and opportunities to minimise the impact on workers’ health, wellbeing and productivity.”

Prof Standage said the Digital Work Hub research would examine demand and supply factors, analyse available data and interview employers and employees to develop a communication strategy for broad engagement across South East Queensland.

The final report, due to be released in December, will include economic analysis, regional typologies, concept imagery and potential business models.

Five RDA committees (Sunshine Coast, Logan and Redlands, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay and Brisbane) are collaborating on this project.

Business, government and community groups are now invited to provide feedback on how regional communities can participate and benefit from new and innovative workplace practices such as Digital Work Hubs.

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