Queensland small businesses still learning in the digital sphere

More Queensland businesses are using social media to connect with customers but are leaving money on the table when it comes to e-commerce, according to the CCIQ Atmail 2013 Digital Readiness Study.

CCIQ General Manager of Marketing James Flaherty said 74 per cent of businesses indicated they were using social media to increase brand exposure, a 10 percent jump from the 2012 survey.

However businesses were failing to capitalise on e-commerce opportunities with more than half of businesses generating between one and ten percent of their revenue online.

“This shows there is a disconnect between the technology industry and the business community in the area of e-commerce and calls for more education about the opportunities.”

Mr Flaherty said almost 100 percent of businesses acknowledged the benefits of the digital space, but less than half had a concrete digital strategy in place.

“It is critical for a business to have a well-rounded approach to the digital economy in place or else they risk missing the boat of opportunities it presents.

Key points

  • 55% of Queensland businesses now offer mobile versions of their website, and an additional 10% will be launching mobile versions of their website soon.
  • Companies have wide scope for enhancing their online retail and e-commerce capabilities. 60% of Queensland businesses receive less than 10% of their revenues through online sales.
  • Queensland businesses have significantly expanded their presence on social media platforms such as Facebook (86.5%) and LinkedIn (63.6%). A growing community of businesses (20%) are also actively building their visibility through business blogs.
  • Digital advertising by Queensland businesses is largely channelled through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) advertising (74.2%).
  • Nearly all companies (94%) are optimistic that the digital economy will open new opportunities for their business and are willing to take the necessary steps to pursue them.
  • Businesses are increasingly comfortable with flexible working practices. 50% of the companies surveyed now allow their employees to connect to the workplace from home.
  • Businesses lack dedicated specialists to manage their digital and social media presence. Over half of the companies (58.4%) rely on external resources specialists to manage their digital businesses on social media, and worry over potential skill shortages in the digital economy.

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