Connected commuters ditch peak hour for digital fast lane

Queensland workers could cut commute times, earn higher salaries and open doors to new employment and lifestyle opportunities by working from home with faster broadband, according to the latest research report.

Commissioned by NBN Co, the company delivering the National Broadband Network (NBN), the ‘Connected Commuters’ report reveals one in ten Australians surveyed would work from home more often if they had fast and reliable broadband.

The findings also show that while three quarters of Australian workers surveyed believe the internet is important or vital to their job, half of those who have worked from home were frustrated with their current home internet connections.

“Over the next few years we expect to see an increase in the amount of people working from home as Australians overcome their poor connection challenges and gain better access to fast and reliable broadband services through the NBN,” Stephen Greaves, national transport expert at The University of Sydney’s Business School, said.

“Frustrated commuters who live in the suburbs and city outskirts stand to benefit most as they have the potential to significantly reduce the hours spent travelling to knowledge based jobs traditionally located in Brisbane CBD.

“This type of work typically deals in the trade of information rather than physical products or labour, and can be more easily done online from the convenience of our home offices or smart working hubs,” Mr Greaves said.

“The flow on effect of this will extend beyond those working from home as less congested roads and public transport systems will mean better travel times for all.”

Build preparation and construction is currently underway to build the NBN on the Sunshine Coast in the following areas: Hunchy, Cooloolabin, Pomona (surrounds), Stanthorpe.

Read the Connected Commuters Research Report.

Connected Commuters report infographic

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