Committee member profile: Jason Law (Deputy Chair)

Jason is the National General Manager for Local Government and Smart Cities at Telstra. Jason has held a diverse range of senior roles across marketing, operations, sales and retail channels and is accountable for the development and execution of Telstra’s Local Government and Smart City strategy. Jason’s extensive 29 year experience in the industry coupled with 18 years working with Local Government, Community and Regional Economic Development organisations, has given him a unique insight into the issues facing communities across Australia. Jason has taken his experience and insights and worked across all levels of Government and Telstra to develop innovative programs of work and solutions for Communities – Jason’s passion for regional development and leadership in this space resulted in the formation of the National Local Government and Smart Cities team. Jason lives on the Sunshine Coast and is a proud father of six who loves to spend his time with family, exercising, playing cricket, soccer and guitar.

Q&A with Jason

What do you see as the biggest opportunities on the Sunshine Coast in the next two years?

Executing on the Maroochy CBD project and ensuring that we can attract the appropriate investment and interest on the Sunshine Coast to maximise our population growth opportunities.

What made you want to join the RDA committee?

It’s an exciting time for the Sunshine Coast and it requires strong community engagement and leadership if we are to succeed as a region; so for me, I wanted to get re-engaged and be part of that community leadership.

If you could change one thing about the Sunshine Coast what would it be?

Improve the transport link to Brisbane – road and/or rail.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Always have faith in your own ability.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your résumé alone?

I am a trained Army Officer and Army Paramedic. I used the paramedic skills to save my neighbour’s life following a heart attack.

Favourite place on the Coast to spend your weekend?

In a house at Teewah Beach.

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Sunshine Coast is part of a national network of 55 committees made up of local leaders who work with all levels of government, business and community groups to support the development of their regions.

Find out more about the RDA Sunshine Coast Committee here.

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