Asian opportunities open up

Small to medium-sized businesses in Australia will be better able to harness commercial opportunities in Asia thanks to a new program.

The Asian Century Business Engagement (ACBE) plan is a four-year program that will run from July 1 and will help member-based businesses harness commercial opportunities in Asia with eligible applicants offered between $25,000 and $300,000 in merit-based, competitive grants.

The key goals of the ACBE plan are to expand the capability of member business groups to:

  • assist Australian firms to access in-market business networks more effectively and develop relationships with business contacts in Asian countries
  • identify and secure more opportunities for Australian firms in regional value chains in Asia
  • strengthen business links between Australia and Asia
  • influence corporate Australia to initiate closer engagement with Asia
  • raise the profile of Australian business capability in Asia
  • increase awareness of Australia in Asia and of Asia in Australia

The final guidelines will be released at the same time as applications open for the ACBE plan on March 1.  For more information, please follow this link

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