Sunshine Coast Regional Roadmap

roadmapThe Sunshine Coast Regional Roadmap 2017-2020 is a strategic planning document that summarises the challenges, opportunities and statistics for the Sunshine Coast region.

It articulates key regional priorities alongside projects and activities that Regional Development Australia (RDA) Sunshine Coast is undertaking in collaboration with other organisations.

Key regional priorities are:

  • Supporting the Region’s Economic Prosperity – Nurture high potential economic development opportunities, initiatives and industries towards global competitiveness and support major projects that will have far reaching benefits across the Sunshine Coast community.
  • Developing the Region’s Core Infrastructure – Provide evidence‐based support for key infrastructure projects that will enhance investor confidence and generate long‐term benefits. Advocate for public, private and multi-party investment opportunities and influence policy that will positively affect economic, social and environmental outcomes.

The 2016-17 Regional Roadmap Update builds on success to date, and is reviewed annually.

Previous Roadmaps & Updates
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