Our Staff

RDA Sunshine Coast operates a small permanent and part-time staffing structure that minimises administrative costs and ensures that all funding is used effectively.

RDA Sunshine Coast contracts in expertise when it is required to complete projects and tasks as they arise.

RDA Sunshine Coast uses local providers where possible to ensure that it supports and develops the local community. RDA Sunshine Coast has developed a list of contractors who are competent and able to assist in key functional areas such as marketing, strategic planning, social research and innovative technologies.

Our Team

Darrell Edwards

Chief Executive Officer

Darrell has been working with the private sector in Finance & Development for over 30 years. Darrell and his family moved to the Sunshine Coast 15 years ago. In his leadership role in the finance industry, Darrell was known for his collaboration and business development. He has worked with Councils and their Economic Development Team seeking and supporting opportunities for Sunshine Coast businesses to capitalise on major infrastructure projects like LNG, SCUH construction and supply chains and Export Development Property. Darrell has previously been a board member of The Sunshine Coast Property Council of Australia.

Darrell is a keen supporter of charities and not for profits across the coast and sees this new role as bringing together his business experience, leadership and networks in a collaborative strategy to help drive Economic Development, Innovation and Infrastructure in the Region.

Darrell Edwards

Shanna Douglas
Project Officer, Media & Communications Officer